Why should you get a solar cover? Not only does it help to maintain the heat from your pool's heating system, it also saves money and water! According to Energy.gov, you can save 50-70%! When cooler weather is around the corner it’s the perfect time to think about a pool cover. Here are some ways that a solar cover can help you.

Retains Heat

The cover acts like the lid on a hot beverage, keeping the heat in. This means that your current heating system works more efficiently because you will lose less heat to the environment. It is always more efficient to maintain the temperature, and a solar cover helps you do just that. A liquid solar trap may work for a short time, but it is not a long-term solution. Solar covers can be used in the pool or in a hot tub or spa. 

spa hot tub solar cover

Prevents Evaporation

The cover also prevents some evaporation from the pool. This means that you will spend less money on replacing the water your pool loses. It will also keep out UV rays. The sun causes some chemicals to be less efficient, especially during the hotter months. A solar cover helps you lose fewer chemicals over time.

Keeps Debris Out

Another benefit of a solar blanket is that it keeps debris out of your pool, which means you have to clean it less. Leaves, branches and other debris are all reduced with a solar cover. You will spend less time skimming and brushing, and less money on trying to get rid of annoying problems like pollen in your pool. When the weather is cold, it will also keep the snow out.

pool solar cover reel


A solar cover can also act as a safety barrier. While it should not be your only defense against unsupervised use, it can help. Depending on the type of cover and installation, it can act as a horizontal fence to protect small children especially.

It’s Easy!

Solar covers are easy to remove. If you have a solar reel anyone can do it. Just crank the cover out of the way and enjoy your pool as you normally would. It also makes it simple to skim the pool, add chemicals or run your automatic pool cleaner. Solar covers can be trimmed to fit any pool type, including oval and kidney pools. Solar rings have the same purpose, but it is harder to cover the whole pool and remove them.

In summary, a solar cover makes your chemicals and heater more efficient. It’s a win-win! Anyone who owns a pool can benefit from a solar cover. Click below to find a store near you and check out the selection.

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