As homeowners, we are always looking for ways to save money. We shop for the best prices on car insurance. We clip coupons for dog food. We buy food in bulk. Any savvy homeowner will tell you that one of the best ways to save money, in the long run, is to take care of your possessions so they will last for a long time. The tools that you buy for your pool are no different. Taking proper care of the tools in your pool care arsenal will significantly increase their lifetimes, saving you money year after year!


Mold and mildew are killers to pool equipment, especially brushes and nets, so you want your tools to be as dry as possible when storing them. The best place to keep them dry is in a shed or garage, but anywhere with overhead protection away from the pool will do. Hang your poles, brushes, and nets so the remaining water can run off after use. Keep your hoses uncoiled. If space is tight, drain them before coiling so mold does not grow inside. Keeping your products dry will keep them from fraying or becoming damaged by the elements.

Locked or Out of Reach

Keeping your tools locked up is the easiest way to make sure that they do not end up in the wrong hands. If you have a shed, this will inhibit children from playing with the tools and possibly damaging them. It will also prevent them from being knocked over by strong winds, which can cause them to break. If a locked shed or box is not an option, keep them in a spot out of the eyes of little ones, such as behind a partition. You may also utilize storage racks to keep them out of reach. Be creative!

tool storage examples


While you want to keep your tools dry, you also do not want to expose them to direct sunlight. This will cause most products to crack or peel. The sun is a killer when it comes to damaging pool equipment. Store them under a roof or shade whenever possible. You may want to use the sun to get rid of moisture in hoses but store them away in a shady area once they are dry.


While most pool tools are made of the same materials, there are some options available. Choose a pool pole that is made of aluminum as it is much more durable than plastic. While most attachments are plastic because they are safer on pool surfaces, choose high-quality products when possible. A lock for a telescopic pole will last much longer if it is made of metal as opposed to plastic.

Pinch A Penny understands getting value for your money. Following these tips will allow you to protect your investments, not worry about replacing your equipment at break-neck speed. Who couldn’t use a little more peace of mind?

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