Is your pool a little tired? Looking to add some value to your backyard? Water features come in a variety of styles and designs, and they bring beauty, fun, and uniqueness to your pool and deck area. This is a great way to add extra enjoyment to your pool time! You can add lights to any of these features for an endless array of possibilities!

swimming pool Waterfall feature


A waterfall is simply that, water that falls from one level to another. Oftentimes, this feature is used with hot tubs that are adjacent to pools. The water flows from the hot tub into the pool in a natural way. The sound of falling water is relaxing, adding to the beauty and tranquility of your poolscape. You can use any elevation change to create a waterfall effect. Rocks or other natural-looking formations may be incorporated to enhance the look of the waterfall. This creates a realistic looking feature. On occasion, a planter or bowl may be added to further increase the attractiveness to the eye. The options are endless!


swimming pool Sheer Descent feature

Sheer Descent

Similar to a waterfall, a sheer descent uses the effect of falling water to create a pleasing look and sound. Sheer descents can vary in size and length, and create a curtain of falling water. The added advantage of these features is that they are controllable by pool pumps, changing the flow of water. You can use a pool automation system to control these features remotely. Multiple sheer descents can be used for the ideal pool environment, and they can be incorporated into a variety of stylish features. Rock walls, planters, scuppers, and pedestals are all ideal for sheer descents. The look alone will add a much-needed refresh to your space!


swimming pool Fountain installation


Also called jets or spouts, these features come in a variety of styles, but the concept remains the same. Fountains or jet shoot water into the pool. A pool fountain shoots water straight up, often inside the pool itself or incorporated into a feature. Jets shoot water into the pool in an arc, creating a pleasing sound, and any number can be employed. Jets can be turned on and off for convenience, and the distance that they spray is alterable. They also look beautiful! You can house jets in stylized features to enhance any style. For an added benefit, kids love them!


swimming pool infinity edge Vanishing Edge

Vanishing Edge

This type of pool feature is the most expensive but arguably creates the most dramatic effect. A vanishing or infinity edge creates the illusion that the pool flows to the horizon. Special construction and design are needed to collect the water and recirculate it, but the illusion is fantastic. These types of pools are often found near oceans, hills, lakes and other spectacular vistas to enhance the view. A vanishing edge is the height of luxury!

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