Before night falls and sparklers are lit on Independence Day, it’s tradition to spend the day enjoying a poolside celebration filled with family, friends, food, and fun! We’ve got some tips to share that your guests are sure to love. From recipes to entertainment, there’s something to please party goers of all ages!

Patriotic Pool Floats

Since the point of a pool party is to, well, party in the pool, Pinch A Penny has some patriotic toys and floats that will spruce up the red, white, and blue while giving your party guests a place to lounge in the sun. Our glitter beach ball adds the fireworks flare to your pool while the sun is still high in the sky!

Barbecued Chicken Recipe

No backyard picnic is complete without the perfect barbequed chicken recipe. Made from scratch with a homemade sauce, this dish will bring a unique twist to a cooking classic that's sure to please any pallet!1

Patriotic Watermelon Cake

Do you feel that cakes and cookies are too heavy for a hot day in the sun? We agree! This watermelon cake gives you a refreshing option to cool down without feeling like you're weighed down. Simply cut the ends and rinds off the watermelon, blot it dry, and apply the whipped cream topping and fruit! Easy peasy, watermelon squeasy!2

Photo credit: Baking Beauty

4th of July Arts & Crafts

If you need an activity outside the pool to get the kids involved in your holiday party, consider setting up some arts and crafts tables. Red White and Blue banner crafts will not only keep the kids busy, but will give you some decor to use around the part! Find more exciting activities from Jam Paper & Envelope.3

Photo Credit: Gingersnapscraft

Now that you’ve got the tools to throw a rockin’ 4th of July party, it’s time to open the pool and bring in your party pals! If you need help making your pool look party perfect, your local Pinch A Penny store would love to help. Contact them today for a quote!

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