As the school year ends and the summer season draws near, children's focus shifts from books to the pool. This transition presents the perfect opportunity to assess your pool area’s safety and ensure your family is ready for a secure season. We’ve compiled essential safety tips to emphasize the importance of your children's and family's safety while enjoying the pool this summer.

Teach children to swim

While children should never be left unattended in the pool, it is crucial that they learn how to swim. Even if your child does not fancy themselves a mermaid, knowing how to swim will keep them safer around many bodies of water, not just the swimming pool. Be sure that a responsible adult is always there to supervise when they are swimming.

Avoid pool drains

Pool drains pose a risk of entrapment for both adults and children, so it is imperative that they are in proper working order. You should not play on or around the drain or suction lines. If a pool drain is broken or has a loose cover, the pool needs to be evacuated and closed immediately. The pool should not reopen until all repairs are complete and the drain is in proper working order.

Learn water safety skills

Knowing how to swim is a major step in creating a safe swimming environment, but it’s not the only step. It’s also important to know basic life-saving skills and to be trained in CPR for both adults and children. Knowing these skills will enable you to help if you encounter an emergency in or around the pool.

Install pool barriers

To ensure that pools are not accessible when they are not intended to be in use, it is wise to install barriers to keep children from being able to enter the pool. Pool gates and fences can be installed around the pool and safety covers can help to keep the pool covered and free from access. Alarms are also available to alert you when there is movement in or around the pool area. While none of these barriers are completely childproof, they can all aid in adding another layer of protection and pool safety to your home.

Taking extra precautions to make sure this season's pool activities are safe for everyone can help ensure that the fun will last for summers to come. If you need help getting your pool in safe shape, contact your local Pinch A Penny. Our experts can help you choose the right products to make your pool more secure and provide you peace of mind while your loved ones swim.

For additional safety information, please visit Pool Safely and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can also download a copy of the Pool Safely Consumer Educational Brochure and the Safety Barrier Guide for Residential Pools.  Always ensure that your pool is in compliance with all local and state requirements.


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