It’s easy to keep your salt pool sparkling. All you need to know are your ABC’s! You can count on Pinch A Penny to keep bacteria and algae at bay and maintain beautiful, clear water season after season. 

A. Use Salinity Pool Salt in your pool.

Just add the salt to the deep end of the pool and brush! This blend results in a fast dissolve rate. Your salt system will do the rest, converting the salt to chlorine. So when it comes time to raise the salt level, this is the purest salt available.

B. Shock your pool once a week with Salinity Surge Shock or Salinity Oxidizing Shock. Pool shock works as an added defense against bacteria and contaminants. With Oxidizing shock, you can use your pool after just 15 minutes! Shock your swimming pool on the same day each week for the highest benefits and keep your pool in tip-top shape!

C. Add a dose of Salinity Multi-Purpose Algaecide to your pool 24 hours after shocking. Dilute the algaecide with water before adding it to the pool. Algaecide prevents and kills pool algae so your pool will look beautiful all the time.

That’s it. The great products from Pinch A Penny make it that easy.

If you have questions about the ABC’s or would like a free, 7-point water test, visit your neighborhood Pinch A Penny store. Click to find one near you!

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