Using a bandless filter cartridge means better cleaning power for your pool. The pleats in the Porpoise Pro Bandless Cartridge are rigid and evenly spaced. They use PurePleat from Pleatco, a revolutionary new technology. This means the elements are less susceptible to folding or bunching, and you get more surface area and greater efficiency.

The bandless cartridges maintain their strength and vertical alignment for much longer than the competition, and they have enhanced flow dynamics to optimize performance.

An added bonus is that these cartridges are easier to clean because they maintain their shape. All these factors combine to provide you with less cleaning time of your filter element because the cycle time is much higher. This means more time enjoying your swimming pool!

Filter Cartridge Cleaning Cycle Graph

In addition, the Porpoise Pro Series bandless filter cartridge is also available with an anti-microbial coating. This helps to fight germs, microbes, mold and mildew for the life of the cartridge. This will give you and your family cleaner water to swim in all pool season long.

If you are looking for a quality replacement cartridge, bandless cartridges are the perfect innovation for inground pool filter cartridges. They reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your cartridge, as well as increase the clarity of your pool water. Find them at a Pinch A Penny near you!

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