Have you ever spent a hot summer daydreaming of a refreshing dip in the pool, only to jump into a sea of warm bath water? A pool chiller can solve this problem by lowering the temperature of your water, even during the hot summer months!

What is a pool chiller?

A pool chiller is a piece of equipment that helps to lower the temperature of your pool water. While some chillers are independent units, others, like the Sunblazer Ultra, are integrated with heat pumps. Integrated units can maintain a consistent temperature year-round regardless of the ambient temperature by raising and lowering the water temperature as needed. If you have a pebble, quartz, tile, or painted finish, your pool can heat up quickly because these surfaces retain more heat. Additionally, pools less than 6 feet deep will likely become too warm for comfort in hot climates. For pools like these, a chiller would come in handy!

Reasons to Get a Pool Chiller

On the hottest days of the year, your pool may be only a few degrees cooler than the outside air. This is due to many days or even months of the sun’s heat warming the water. Installing a pool chiller will guarantee that your summer swim is always an enjoyable experience. As an added bonus, cooler pool water uses fewer chemicals, which saves you money! If your heat pump includes a chiller, you will get excellent performance regardless of the heat and humidity. They use a refrigerant to cool the water instead of relying on water evaporating. Less evaporation means you save on water since it’s not lost to the air.

Even a few degrees can make a huge difference. You may also consider a pool cover to supplement the pool chiller. Though a cover will not lower the temperature of the pool water, pool covers of the non-solar variety can help keep your pool temperature from rising.

Other Uses for a Pool Chiller

Some physical therapy and post-workout treatments use a plunge pool that is cooled to a specific temperature. A pool chiller is helpful for these applications because they allow you to maintain these lower temperatures. No one likes to swim in bathwater during the summer heat. When temperatures climb, you want the water to be refreshing! The experts at Pinch A Penny can help you decide if a chiller will help you beat the heat this summer. Talk to your local store today and see how a pool chiller can keep you cool when the days are long and hot.

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