Having a DE filter is great because they keep your pool water crystal-clear.  DE filters work by forcing water through the diatomaceous earth, which traps the debris and algae. DE Filters remove the smallest particles of any filter, from 3-5 microns.

It is important to clean your DE filter and replace the DE powder regularly. Do this when the PSI on the pressure gauge reaches 10psi over the normal operating level. This process is not hard, just follow the steps below to ensure that you have crystal-clear water all season long.

Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filters


  • Roll out your backwash hose, finding a suitable area for water to go
  • Turn off the pump at breaker
  • Turn multiport to backwash
  • Turn pump on
  • Run until water is clear (use sight glass window if applicable)
  • Turn pump off
  • Turn multiport valve to rinse
  • Turn pump on, run for about a minute
  • Turn pump off
  • Turn multiport valve back to filter
  • Roll up hose, clearing water first
  • Turn pump on

Replacing DE

  • Use a scoop to measure DE
  • Follow manufacturer instructions, you will need about a pound of DE per 10 sq ft of filter
  • Add to water in bucket, then add DE and mix
  • Slowly pour into skimmer with pump running
  • Let the pump run for about an hour

If you have any questions about cleaning your DE filter, visit your local Pinch A Penny. Our expert staff will be happy to help.

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