You don't have to leave your backyard to set sail for the high seas! This floating pirate ship is a great addition to your pool. Use it as a decoration for a Halloween party, to root for the Buccaneers, or during Gasparilla. The best part is, you can make it your own. Change up the flag or colors to fit your fandom. The only limit is your imagination!

Building Tips

Whenever you cut a template, make sure that it is 1" from end.

Ship Base


  • Tracing Marker
  • Template 'A' (2.75" x 5.5")
  • Brown Spray Paint
  • Template 'B' (5.5" x 5.5")
  • Craft Sticks
  • Craft Knife

Step 1:

  • Cut 2 noodles in half

  • Take 3 of the halves and cut template 'A' from each end

  • Take 2 full-length noodles and cut template 'A' from one end
  • Paint brown
  • Interlock with prior halves

Step 2:

  • Take 6 full-length noodles and cut in half to make 12 halves

Step 3:

  • Take 6 halves and cut off 5"

  • Set the 5" pieces aside
  • Cut template 'A' from one end and template 'B' from the other
  • Paint brown

  • Paint one of the 5" pieces and paint brown

Step 4:

  • Take 4 halves and cut template 'A' from each end
  • Paint

Step 5:

  • Take 2 halves and cut template 'A' from one end
  • Paint


  • Take 4 full-length noodles and cut template 'A' from one end and template 'B' from the other
  • Paint

Step 6:

  • Assemble the ship onto the base and secure with craft sticks

Ship Floors


  • Remaining 5" pieces
  • Tea-dyed cloth
  • 2 foam boards
  • Stapler

Step 1:

  • Take 4 of the 5 pieces and cut out template 'A'

  • Place these pieces on the ship's base to raise the floor

Step 2:

  • Cover the foams boards in the tea-dyed cloth
  • Securing with Staples
  • Place on the bottom of the ship

Ship Sails


  • 20" x 18" black foam sheet
  • White foam sheet
  • Skull and crossbones template
  • Tracing Marker
  • String
  • Two 18" craft sticks
  • One 36" craft sticks


  • Take black foam sheet and cut an 'x' at each corner and in the middle of the top and bottom
  • Cut out the skull and crossbones template and glue onto the black sail
  • Tie together a 36" and 18" craft stick to form a 't' shape
  • Insert the 't' shape into the 'x' cuts at the top of the sail
  • Take an 18" craft stick and insert into the bottom of the sail
  • Insert the sail mast into the floorboards, puncturing the noodle below



  • Colorful foam sheets
  • Templates
  • Push Pins


  • Print out a variety of templates: waves, portholes, anchor, etc.
  • Trace templates onto foam sheets and cut out
  • Attach to ship with push pins

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