Summer is here, which means hours of fun lounging by the swimming pool. Spending time outdoors is what we love most about summer, and there is no better way to enjoy the pool and backyard than a fun, eye-catching float! These are the best new floats you can get in 2018.

1. Rosé Pool Float 

Float and sip in luxury with an oversized bottle of Rosé, complete with cup holder. It’s Rosé all day!

rose pool float


2. Giant Beer Mug Pool Float 

There’s nothing like a cold one on a hot day! This float is printed with realistic graphics.

giant beer mug pool float


3. Bald Eagle Pool Float

 Show your American spirit with a majestic eagle float. Complete with American Flag wings to display your patriotic side!

bald eagle pool float america


4. Snow Cone Pool Mattress

The pool has never been more delicious, plus there is no risk of this float melting.

snow cone pool float


5. Sugar Skull Pool Float

 The brilliant and authentic colors of this outdoor float, complete with tattoo-style graphics, mean lots of fun in the pool.

sugar skull pool float


6. Margarita Pool Ring and Bloody Mary Pool Ring

 Can’t pick a favorite? Pick up both of these popular drink floats. Or better yet, grab a friend for a fun-filled day of floating in the water and complement each other.

margarita bloody mary pool float


7. American Flag Pool Mattress and Star Island Pool Float

 Designed for play with friends, these patriotic floats are perfect for a weekend celebration.

american flag star pool float


8. Margaritaville Cheeseburger in Paradise Pool Float

 How do you like yours? You won’t have to sail around the world for this delicious burger.

margaritaville cheeseburger paradise pool float


*Availability of toys and floats varies by location


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