Persistent Algae? You May Have A Phosphate Problem.

If you have persistent algae in your pool, you may have a phosphate problem. Phosphates are chemical compounds containing phosphorous. Phosphorus is a non-metallic element that is necessary for life and also functions as a plant nutrient. Phosphates are one of the nutrients that algae need to grow, and remain after algaecides have killed the algae. For this reason, it is important to kill all the algae before starting a phosphate removal procedure. A small amount of phosphate can enter your pool from detergents or soaps, plant fertilizers, skin, source water, animals, soil and plants. It can even come through the air from the dust of phosphate mines.

A Pinch A Penny expert can determine the phosphate levels in your water, or you can use a Phosphate Test at home. Once you have determined that you need to lower the level of phosphates in your pool, Suncoast Super Phosphate Remover is the strongest, most concentrated phosphate remover on the market. 1 quart removes up to 9,000 ppb (parts per billion) of phosphates in 10,000 gallons of water. Additionally, you can swim immediately after application. Be sure that your pool is balanced and your filter is clean or backwashed before application.

phosphate remover pool stain

Note: this product will cause cloudiness in your pool water. This is a normal reaction caused by the product bonding with the phosphates. Your filter will generally remove the bonded phosphates from the water within several hours. You can pair Super Phosphate Remover with Ultimate Water Clarifier to help restore your pool’s clarity faster.

Super Phosphate Remover is also a great product to use on initial new pool use or opening.

For specific directions and application amounts, please refer to the product label, or talk to an expert at your local Pinch A Penny store.

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