Looking for a way to make pool care easier? The Pinch A Penny Mobile app is here to help! No more trying to remember the last time you checked your filter, or how much chlorine to add to your pool. All you need is your phone and the app does it all for you!

Water Test Results on Your Phone

Conduct a water test and get the outcome right on your phone. Just input the readings from your pool water test strips or test kit and the app will give you a customized recommendation. It will suggest which chemicals you need to add and in what amounts. This will help you get your pool back into perfect balance. Then, just visit the store to pick up what you need.

Reminders for Pool Maintenance

It can be hard to keep track of when to brush your pool or check your skimmer baskets. With the Pinch A Penny app, you can set custom reminders for routine maintenance, whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly. The app will tell you when it’s time to perform these tasks. It will also remind you weekly to shock your pool and add chemicals to keep up with the ABCs of Pool Care.

Contact Your Store

Need more help? Contact your store from right within the app, either by text, call or email. You can send messages and even photos of your pool to your store. The Pinch A Penny app makes it easy to get expert advice fast.

Purchase History

Keep track of your recent purchases and water tests with a history function. See how your pool’s balance has changed and view recent items you purchased in-store.

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