Photo Water Testing, Instant Pool Prescriptions & More!

Sick of the guessing game that comes with water testing? It’s no surprise most pool owners are well acquainted with the frustrations that come with the water testing process. Whether it’s glaring down a strip trying to decode the parameters or dissecting what the final results mean—testing your pool water can be a challenging experience.

That’s why we developed the Pinch A Penny Pool Care App. An all-in-one enhanced water testing app that not only simplifies the whole process, but allows Pool Owners INSTANT solutions.


Water Testing On Your Time. Anytime. 

Can't make it to the store for your free 7-point water test? No problem!  Snap a photo of your Porpoise Test Strip that was specifically designed for use with the Pinch A Penny Mobile App. Yup, that means no more test strip guesswork to be sure your parameters are correct. The app will generate the test results for you INSTANTLY.  If you prefer to read your own test strip, you can skip the photographic water testing option and manually input your results.  From your pH levels to your pool’s Total Alkalinity, the Pinch A Penny Pool Care app can deduce it all from one little test strip.

Need one place to find all your past water tests? The Pinch A Penny Pool Care App will log each water test conducted for your pool —whether manual, photo, or in-store. It will then keep a history of your past water tests within the app. That way, you can track your pool’s health all in one place!

Buy Your Favorites Online & Pick It Up in Store

You got your results, your instant pool diagnosis—now all you need is the chemicals. Shop all your favorite Suncoast Chemicals right through the Pinch A Penny Pool Care App! There you can find all our Suncoast brand pool chemical products as well as other popular brands.

Need some monthly essentials? View recent items and quickly add them to your cart for easy, consistent pool maintenance. You can easily purchase the recommended chemicals online, and then pick them up at your local Pinch A Penny, allowing you to skip the line and save time. That way you can spend more time swimming and less time shopping!

Start a New Service

In need of services? Get a quote for backyard services, including pool cleaning and maintenance with just a tap. Easily contact your store from the app, and we’ll create a custom service plan for you depending on your needs.

Our neighborhood pool and backyard experts are licensed and insured for many types of service, including:

  • Pool Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Pool Renovations/Construction
  • Pressure Washing
  • Landscape Lighting
  • And More!

See Upcoming Services 

If you’re already a recurring pool service customer, the Pinch A Penny Pool Care App will notify you of any completed or upcoming services. That way, we’re working around your schedule—not the other way around.

Please note, all prices and services do vary by location.

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