Taking Care of Your Pool During the Rainy Season

Everyone loves having a pool. In fact, there are over 10 million swimming pools in the US. They are a great way to get outside and cool off during the hot months. But those hot months also bring rain. Not only can you not use your pool, but it may also cause the balance of your pool to be off. This is because it dilutes the chemicals in your pool.

It may also introduce algae into the pool from your home or from trees. How do you keep your pool clear during the rainy season so that you can enjoy it with your family?

rainy pool

Here are a few ways:

  • Follow the ABC's of Pool Care, being sure to shock your pool and add algaecide regularly. Preventing algae is easier and cheaper than trying to get rid of it.
  • Keep your floating chlorinator full of chlorine, if applicable.
  • Test your water often at your local Pinch A Penny or use the Pinch A Penny mobile app. Be sure to let your pump run for a few hours before taking a sample.
  • Be sure that your pump or other equipment is not submerged. If it is, turn the power off at the breaker until you can clear it.
  • If you need to drain some water from your pool, follow these instructions.
  • Use a pool cover to keep rain out of your pool.
  • If the weather turns severe, follow these tips for getting your pool ready for a storm.

In the full video Greg, a Pinch A Penny owner, talks to Chad Crawford, host of how to Do florida and explains how you can make sure your pool is in top shape all season long.

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