Keep your pool deck, lanai, or patio looking fresh and clean. Virtually any surface around your pool can benefit from cleaning performed by your local Pinch A Penny. Regular pressure washing can help prevent decaying of materials and add life to hard exterior surfaces around your swimming pool.

Long exposure can lead to stains or grime on your patio or home. Pressure washing can help to improve the look of a variety of surfaces and improve the value of your home.

Whether it’s tile, wood, stone, concrete pavers or some other type of surface, the right pressure washing treatment can work wonders. After prepping the area and protecting furniture and other items, an expert tech will get to work on restoring the surface of your pool deck, driveway or siding.

pool patio deck lanai pressure washing

It is recommended to have someone with experience with pressure washing perform this task. If done improperly, pressure washing that is too intense can damage the surface you are trying to clean.

It can also harm other surfaces or items that you may not intend, such as walls, pottery, furniture and plants. The high-pressure water can also cause serious injury if not performed properly.

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