Although they are a small body of water, a spa takes careful consideration when it comes to maintaining chemical balance. Small things can result in big changes in the water. Don’t be discouraged, though, Pinch A Penny is here to make caring for your spa or hot tub easy. Just follow these simple tips for spa care.

• We suggest using Bromine as a sanitizer in your spa. Bromine works better than chlorine in warmer temperatures, and it also continues to be effective after disinfecting. You can establish a reserve of Bromide after filling your spa with fresh water by using Quick Shot Bromine Booster.

• Spas should be shocked at least once a week and after each use.

Solus Natural Spa is an enzyme that eliminates oils, suntan lotions, and other scum in the water. This is a great combatant to the foreign substances that bathers can bring into the water.

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• Stand-alone spas should be drained at least every three months. After refilling be sure to get the water tested for proper balance.

• If it is the first time you have owned a spa, or it’s been a while since you have used yours, a Spa Startup Kit is a great tool. It features eight chemicals: sanitizer, shock, pH Plus, pH Down, Descaler, Clarifier, Metal Gone and Foam Down. It also includes a Spa Care Guide and test strips to help you maintain beautiful water!

• Test water on a weekly basis to ensure chemical levels are properly maintained. Local Pinch A Penny stores carry a full line of Solus spa care products to help keep your spa clean and sanitized.

What We Recommend

Solus Quick Shot Bromine Booster

Solus Spa Startup Kit

Solus Natural Spa

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