Spring break is here, and summer vacation is just around the corner! While you’re staycationing at home with your family, Pinch A Penny can help you have some fun in the sun. Here are some activities you can use to keep your kids entertained at home in the pool.

Ring Around the Dolphin

Grab a hula hoop and a PoolMaster 36” Inflatable Dolphin from your local Pinch A Penny store. Hold a friendly competition among family members.

How to Play:

Place the dolphin in the water at one end of the pool. From the opposite end, take turns tossing the hoop around the dolphin to score points. No cheating, you have to toss your hoop while in the water! The first person to reach 10 points wins. Want an added challenge? Gather all the participants and run a human whirlpool around the perimeter of the pool to keep your dolphin on the move!

(Safety first: Make sure there is nobody near the dolphin when you toss your hoop.)

Beach Ball Race

While you’re picking up your Inflatable Dolphin, make sure you add a few beach balls too for a beach ball race.

How to Play:

Give each of your family members a beach ball and have them race to see who can push theirs to the other end of the pool the fastest. If you have more people than beach balls, team them up and have a relay race!


Dancing After Dark

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down! Add a little groove to your pool with the G.A.M.E. Wireless Speaker and Light Show. These speakers can stream music with any compatible Bluetooth device from up to 60 feet away. As an added bonus, the speaker and light show can be hung from almost anywhere with its built-in hanger, but it looks best inside the pool.

Cooking and Grilling

Playing in the pool is bound to work up your appetite. Grillin’ Garry’s Garlic Parmesan Chicken Legs are easy and delicious!


  • Fire up your Big Green Egg to 375°F, season some chicken legs with your favorite rub, and grill them.
  • Flip the chicken 90° every 5 minutes and baste them with garlic butter each time you flip them.
  • Once they reach an internal temperature of 165°F, remove them from the grill, sprinkle them with parmesan cheese, and they’re ready to enjoy.

You can find the full recipe here.



For everything you need to keep your pool clear and sparkling, visit the experts at Pinch A Penny!

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