Complete your relaxing day by the pool with some outdoor music. Whether it’s reggae, classical or some instrumental tunes, music adds another dimension of enjoyment to your outdoor experience. Professionally wired audio systems provide depth and layers of sound to your backyard, whether you are having a tailgate or sunbathing. These days, you can customize the audio outside to any taste or need, so you can let your imagination run wild!

Wired is the way to go

Don’t rely on some cheap Bluetooth speaker, a wired system gives you more capacity and control over your musical set-up. Most backyards will have about 4 speakers wired to an amplifier. Wired systems are more reliable because they don’t rely on batteries. Wired systems will also last for the long term because they are designed for outdoor use. Additionally, they will out-perform any wireless system in terms of quality and depth of sound.

Separate systems?

By their very nature, outdoor audio is different than indoor audio. It is much easier to control the sound inside, where there are a lot more variables to pool audio. Outdoor speakers are tuned differently because of this, and most homeowners recognize that they need to separate their audio. The pool area is its’ own realm, and its’ unique sonic needs should be addressed with care.

What about ugly speakers?

Besides the ability to customize and design the sound from your speakers, many manufacturers are giving consumers options on speaker design. This new generation of speakers is meant to blend in with the surroundings and your pool-side aesthetic. Speakers can be hidden in rocks of all types, as well as planters, lights and other objects. This means that the audio system will never take away from the look of your backyard pool.

In the end, the question of pool audio has many more answers than in previous years. With a variety of designs and sizes, you can cover any size outdoor space, whether it’s a backyard bar or a spillover spa.  Most systems give you complete control from a phone or tablet, similar to controlling your pool equipment with automation. Outdoor sound is the next step in completing your backyard oasis!

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