A pool leaf net catches leaves from entering your pool water and can help with cleanup after a storm. In Fall, when many leaves and branches are falling from trees and shrubs, a leaf net cover can help make pool maintenance a breeze. Using one will help you easily collect and remove leaves that could otherwise weigh your cover down after a windy day.

Even if you live in an area where a winter cover is not usually necessary, supplementing your pool with a leaf net during the chilly season will help keep algae out. Leaves cause organic matter which can lead to algae if left in the pool. A cover will make your spring opening much easier because your pool will be protected during the months where you use it less. If you choose the right one, you can easily install and remove it yourself.

leaf net on swimming pool

What type of leaf cover should I buy?

Many people use a wide mesh net reinforced with a broad seam and aluminum eyelets. These types of nets are designed to let water and light in, but keep out large debris like leaves, branches, and toys. Be sure to measure the dimension of your swimming pool and then buy the proper leaf net pool cover for your swimming pool. If you don’t, you run the risk of the cover being too small and letting debris in. Pool leaf nets can be used to supplement an existing cover or on their own.

Installing your leaf net cover

Be sure to measure the dimension of your swimming pool before buying a leaf net pool cover. For an inground pool, the cover should overlap by 12 inches all the way around and be secured with weights to keep the edges from flapping. The mesh forming the leaf net cover should be 1/4 inch across, no larger, to prevent small insects, leaves, twigs, and other items from entering the pool water. Choose a lightweight but strong leaf net cover, so that you can install it yourself or with just one helper. Consider installing a standing shelf next to the pool to lay it on so it does not end up on the lawn or on the pool deck where swimmers may accidentally walk on it. Most importantly, be sure to remove all leaves and debris before installing. Pinch A Penny has the right tool for the job.

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