A pool brush is one of the most important components of your swimming pool tool arsenal. It is used in regular cleaning to help keep your pool clean and clear. There are different brushes to help you do different tasks around the pool and deck. Brushes come in a variety of shapes to accommodate specific needs. The best pool brush is the one that is built for the job. Pinch A Penny is here to help you discover which type is best for you!

Nylon Pool Brush

Regular Cleaning

Rectangular brushes handle the majority of pool and spa floors and walls. One of the most vital steps to prevent algae, dirt and debris from collecting on the surface of the pool or spa is to routinely brush. One of the primary differences between the standard brushes available at Pinch A Penny is the material used for the bristles.

For everyday cleaning, polypropylene is the material used on the most economical brushes. It is fairly resistant to sunlight and can be used on all types of pool surfaces. Nylon brushes are more flexible and durable than polypropylene, and they too can be used on every type of pool or spa surface.

Algae Removal

If algae were to accumulate on the surface of the pool, dislodging it with a brush is a necessity. Chemical treatment alone won’t resolve an algae issue. For stubborn algae stains, a brush with all stainless-steel bristles is available. Stainless steel bristles are designed to aggressively remove algae and stains on the surface of the pool. Stainless steel can only be used on concrete or aggregate surfaces.

Algae Brush with metal bristles
Cobweb Brush

Cobweb Brush

The standard bristles found on brushes at Pinch A Penny are too rigid and may damage screened pool cages, however, we do offer a cobweb brush. It connects to a standard pool pole and the soft bristles can be used indoors and outdoors. The Cobweb brush can be used to clean corners of the patio, the screen enclosure or anywhere around the house!

Corner Brush

Some areas of the pool or spa are impossible for a standard brush to reach. The corner brush measures just 3.5 inches wide, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach areas such as corners, around steps, behind ladders and under diving boards. The rigid bristles dislodge dirt, debris and algae that are hard to get to.

Corner Brush


Metal brush heads are more durable and won’t crack as easily when making contact with the surface of the pool. However, some brushes have flexible edges, making it easier to clean in the corners. The experts at your local store can help you decide what’s best for you.

One final note: make sure to store your tools correctly using these tips on tool storage. This will help them last longer and save you money in the long run. Pinch A Penny carries all of the pool brush types above, as well as stronger brushes made specifically for the pool deck. Stop by your local Pinch A Penny store today!

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